The best yogurt ever!


My oldest daughter called just as she was driving home from her local grocery co-op. She was there browsing the yogurt section when a man came up and said his absolute favorite is the Greek Gods brand, honey flavor.

She bought some, called to tell me and then called back 15 minutes later so I could hear her reaction as she tasted it (we are a bit strange about good food in our family). It was fabulous. She said it reminded her of the minigo yogurts we used to buy in Canada. Then she told me to go out and buy some right now!

So I did.

Our local Sunflower market (love that store) stocks it so I went and got some just before the store closed.

She was right – it is wickedly delicious. Be careful – calories are quite high at 160 for 4 ounces but sometimes it’s worth it.

“I will bring you up out of the affliction …unto a land flowing with milk and honey.” Exodus 3:17


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