Granny’s toys

When I was growing up, I loved to visit my grandmother.

She was kind, fun, and did interesting things…

…and she had a TOY CLOSET!

I used to love exploring her ever changing collection.

Now that I’m home from my mission and reconnecting with kiddies –  I need to stock up.

How fun! Toy shopping!!!

I have a particular need to keep these guys happy and occupied:

They are the five baby boys born in our family in 2008 (now 6 months older)

Here’s my two latest favorites for babies – both by Parents.

ABC Architect Blocks – squishy squeaky rubber blocks that stack up in colorful architectural towers.

The blocks cost about $21 including a years subscription to Parents magazine (that you can get refunded oddly enough). I got mine at Target last night (on my Kashi gathering trip).

Parents Ready Set Go – cars that pull back and zoom across the floor – dazzling for our baby boys.

The cars are harder to find. I got mine at Tutoring Toy – a nice toy store in Salt Lake City  for about $18 (but I bought the last one – sorry)

So, I think I’m ready

Bring on the BABY BOYS!

Here’s a list by of best toys by age


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