Where am I?

I haven’t posted for a while – life has been busy and challenging lately.


Right now I am sitting in a waiting room at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. The picture above is the lobby of the main building – it’s a beautiful place isn’t it? I have been dealing with difficult to diagnose pain for about eight months. It started during my mission and came home with me. I had plenty of tests at home in Utah and even had my gallbladder removed a month ago, but nothing seems to make things better. I’m in a great place for diagnoses right now so I hope the challenge is about over.


I have a new calling to serve on the Young Women general board and that has kept me plenty busy – in a wonderful way. I love to serve wherever I’m called and this is a particularly sweet experience. I welcome any thoughts, stories or questions about young women around the world. I’m in learning mode right now since I’m a convert to the church and didn’t experience the young women program as a youth, although I have served in Young Women and experienced it with two daughters.

My husband and I are currently working on our Virtue Value experience together.
It’s wonderful! I think everyone should do it!
Here’s a link to download the Virtue Value information.


5 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Sister Robison:

    I have followed your blog and all pictures of the West Indies Mission also your
    radio interviewd. I have a son who is now serving at St.Vincent he left MTC
    Sept 14….How I wish they would continue with all the pictures and Zones
    conference pictures like you used to for all the Moms…..Thank you so much
    for every pictures so I can have an idea what’s going on at the West Indies

  2. Sister Robison,
    Good luck with your health. I hope you have an answer soon. Congratulations on your new calling. How lucky are the YW to have you.

  3. Hi. I wandered onto your blog. I am a new member of LDS in Scotland and was initially looking for contacts at LDS during my forthcoming vacation to Tobago. No luck yet.
    Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Your blog is great BTW, and it seems that you have a great deal of love around you, you are clearly blessed. Phyllis x

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