I’m back

The Mayo Clinic was quite an experience!

It is extremely high quality assembly line medicine. Each doctor and technician I saw was highly trained in their little piece of the diagnostic process. I was fascinated by the efficient systems that made it possible to manage thousands of patients every day. My good husband did lots of sitting around in waiting rooms while I was tested from head to to.

We finally got a diagnosis and the news is good!

When I was serving my mission in the West Indies I picked up some sort of infection – we think it was a parasite. I took medicine early this year and it is gone but apparently the infection kicked up some sort of post-infectious pain syndrome. Some of the nerves in my digestive tract became hypersensitive and so I hurt all the time.

It is such a relief to know that there is nothing serious behind the pain. I am on some medicine to hopefully settle it down. One of my doctors said this sort of thing tends to last eight months to two years – I am on month number nine and counting.

(To moms of West Indies missionaries – don’t worry about your sons. This is quite uncommon. They will all be just fine.)

I hope to get back to more regular blogging now. Life is busy but manageable (some of the time).


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