Spooky supper

We had a spooky supper last night for Family Home Evening.

The food was SCARY

Worms (spaghetti)

Slime and blood (pesto and tomato sauces)

Roasted eyeballs (meatballs)

With a topping of bellybutton lint and dandruff (ewwww)

Karenin brought mummy dogs

Lisa brought scary spider eggs

and the kiddies loved it!

Especially the worms

For dessert?

(recipes are on  my ‘So Good So Easy’ blog)

Fresh cut fingers, of course

Spicy spider web ginger cookies

and Donuts on a string

We worked off our supper with a costume parade


a gypsy

a princess

a darling witch

Is that a pirate holding Pooh bear?

a fancy photographer

a banana in the kitchen?

a geisha

and an angelic daughter in law, mother of twins…

…honey pot and pooh bear

Then we turned the kids into TP mummies

A mess, but the fun was worth it!

How to finish a crazy night like this? With a lesson from Grandpa on the Good Samaritan.

We will be kind to EVERYONE!


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