I’m enjoying sewing lately

I’m not sure why

My projects this summer (so far):

  • king sized bed skirt
  • throw pillows
  • completely recovered my outdoor sectional
  • two pillow case dresses for 5 year old Taylor (and one for Tessa and one for Emily waiting to be sewn)
  • two sets of window toppers plus throw pillows for Jenny
  • sort of sewed, sort of wrapped window seat pillows for Julia’s new more grown up room (age 13)

I used to sew quite a bit when the family was young.

And up until my mission (or maybe my dissertation) I made special quilts for each new baby.

I always enjoyed sewing and I’ve kind of missed it.

There seems to be a return to crafting lately among young mothers and I love it. Why? maybe the economy?

I think it’s a good thing. We all need creative outlets.

Here’s a fabulous video on the need for creating.

One reason for my return to sewing are the great new fabrics that are available and the ease of finding them by shopping online. I love fabric.com! It’s the easiest and cheapest way to find fun fabrics.

Here’s what I just ordered – maybe to sew a tablecloth for outside and some tiered ruffle skirts for the little girls.

And the price???

Only $3.95 per yard with a 20% off coupon on top of that plus free shipping!

I just found a few pictures of my sewing projects.

Jenny’s living room decor

Taylor’s pillowcase dress – oh and that’s my recovered outdoor sectional in the background


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