Soldier Hollow sheepdog trials

People and their dogs come from all over the world to compete in the Soldier Hollow sheepdog trials. It’s just up the canyon from us so we decided to take Taylor and Cooper (grandchildren with a brand new baby brother) to see the dogs at work.

The main event was herding sheep. The dogs had to heard the sheep through a course, then separate out five and get them into a pen.

There was lots of other doggie fun:

High jumping dogs

Police dog demonstration

Taylor and Cooper loved it when the dogs took down bad guys (in dog proof suits)

There were even duck herding dogs!

Can you believe the dog got the ducks into a wagon??? He really did!

Of course we had to have a little break

I get to pick 3 flavors?!?


We finished the day watching “Splash Dogs” compete to see who could jump the furthest into a swimming pool.

Here’s 2 nice looking jumps

This one looks just like our celestial dog, Jill.

It was a fun day


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