Rachel’s 100%

Reid and I spent time with Joelle and her family this month.

Rachel, who turned 12 during our visit, has been struggling with social studies. Her grade had dropped and she was getting 70% on her tests – no matter how hard she studied.

Rachel was frustrated!

So, Monday night I spent some time helping her with the week’s chapter. The topic – the entire history of Mexico. (I hated history as a child, so this was a daunting task).

I wondered if perhaps Rachel learns better visually. So I decided to have her draw the stories in the chapter. We read the sections and drew Juarez, Hidalgo, Morelos, Iturbide and all their adventures. We ended up filling six pages both sides.

Rachel showed her pages to her teacher (I think he was impressed) and reviewed them during the week.

By the time Friday’s test came along, I was back home.

I was surprised and amazed to receive this text at 11:30 am:

Rachel: I got 100% on my test!

Yes!!! (Grandma power)


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