Learning Adobe Illustrator

I’ve wanted to learn this program for years. I’ve tried all kinds of tutorials but just couldn’t get comfortable with it until I signed up for some Atly classes by Alma Loveland. They are perfect for me. I took her beginner and patterns classes and that gave me just enough help to start to fly!

I’ve found my perfect art medium. So often my critical eye stops me from enjoying my paper and paint – I see too many things wrong that I just cannot fix. Illustrator lets me adjust everything until I’m totally happy with my work.

My current project is a custom portrait of each family member for his or her birthday – and that’s plenty of practice since we have 5 children, 4 in law children and 18 grandchildren. This month is crazy – about 2 portraits per week. Good practice.

Here’s are the portraits I’ve done so far – in order. You can see progression. Practice, practice, practice.


sylie web-01grace web 2-01



cooper web 2-01JJ web 2-01lisa jump web 2-01Taylor web 3-01

amanda web 2-01


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