About me

I love to read, study, learn, garden, cook, exercise, and most of all – be with my family. One of the things I want to learn more about right now is happiness – what causes it and how we get more of it.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love the painting of Lehi’s Dream and wonder if you know where I can purchase it!Thank you for letting me know!


  2. I found your West Indies Mission blog about 18 months ago when we were first called in to visit with Elder Holland about a mission call. We needed an extra year to finish up some professional obligations and now we are preparing to leave for the England London Mission. I loved your focus (that was actually a slip of words- I meant the focus of your blog) and your photography. Do you have any tips for a novice blogger and photographer? I have used blogger, and it is fairly simple, but I would like to have a more mission specific template, so I am trying to figure that out. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I think you did a spectacular job of making the mission real for those who read your blog and you are a gifted photographer. Thank you for having a public blog, it has been so great to read.
    Holly Jordan

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