Mixed Media fun with kids

Lisa brought Dallin, Amanda, and Emily over to do some art.

We had fun!

The results!

“Smile” by Emily

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden” by Amanda

“It is better to look up” by Dallin

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero” by Lisa

and my little valentines girl:


Fancy Pumpkins with Kids

Halloween is so fun with kids – especially 3 year old little boys.

Five of our seventeen grandchildren fit that description – so I went a little crazy this year decorating. I love the looks on their faces as they walk into our house and see spiders and witches and pumpkins.

They are all so different in their reactions – some love to turn out the lights and say “turn on the scary music!” Others say, “nooooooo!” as they cuddle with grandma.

Some of us gathered Sunday to celebrate a birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving. I thought I’d try out a litte Halloween craft – and it worked out pretty well.


(from this blog)

(from this blog)

(from this blog)



(The last three pictures are my pumpkins – Grandma’s can have fun too)


Buy plastic pumpkins at a craft store (mine were from Michaels Craft @ half price). You can spray paint them any color you like. Then use puff paints (for fabrics), acrylics, glue gun, jewels – and just have fun designing and creating.

Here’s what happens when you give a camera to 2 year old JJ

10 pictures of JJ’s thumb

cool angle of the camera strap

a few interesting compositions

half a Sylie

Half a Grandma

Sylie tummy

A few good shots

pretty mommy

the beach

lady in a bikini next door

a great shadow shot

but then JJ decided he was holding the camera wrong – so he turned it around

very nice reflection composition

Great work JJ!